About Adriago

" The feeling of coming home, after a very long time of being away...". 
This is the easiest way to describe how I felt, the first time I visited the Adriatic region. 
The one place my soul calls home, where I find my inspiration and inner peace. 
No matter how far away, part of my heart is always there.

From this passion for the region,  Adriago.com  was born. I started out with just the Adriatic coast, but it got completely out of hand... resulting in a beautiful, diverse collection of carefully selected vacation rentals in the most amazing locations all over Europe.

Our properties are verified and handpicked with great care as our standards are high. We work very hard to make your search for the perfect accommodation as easy and effortless as possible. We are always happy to receive suggestions and feedback from our guests and property owners.

Adriago.com  is no booking website, like there are so many already. We believe that personal contact between the guest and owner is beneficial, so we created a platform where guests and owners are in direct contact with each other. Our choice to remain smaller in comparison to other well known websites allows us to offer a better and more personal customer service. We build friendships with both guests and owners.

For all information, please  contact us through this form  or tamara@adriago.com
If you would like to contact us with regards to any suggestions and/or feedback, please do not hesitate to do so. 

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